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GUFF delegate 2014 is Gillian Pollack!

We have a winner - the GUFF delegate who won the very exciting 2014 race and who will be attending Worldcon and Eurocon this summer as the official representative of Australasian fandom is Gillian Polack! Kylie Ding, the current Australasian GUFF administrator, and me offer heartfelt congratulations! We are looking forward to seeing Gillian at… Continue reading GUFF delegate 2014 is Gillian Pollack!

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Liburnicon 2013

Liburnicon is the youngest of all Croatian SF conventions, and possibly also organized by the youngest crew as well. It is a two-day event oriented mainly towards having geeky fun, but since their chair was also the chief of volunteers at Kontakt they have begun to bring in literary guests. Liburnicon 2013 will be held… Continue reading Liburnicon 2013

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Conflux Schedule

Conflux is a science fiction convention held in Canberra since 2004. I have been repeatedly warned it is of a more writerly bent. It seems to mean that is more similar to SFeraKon and Istrakon than Swancon was in terms of writers' presence and numerous writing workshops. Am looking forward to finding out. My schedule,… Continue reading Conflux Schedule