ESFS Awards 2020

All the winners of tonight’s European Science Fiction Awards are great, but I think this is all I want to put up here tonight, to celebrate the one Croatian win of this year. Wishing she were here to hang out in front of the venue, in the rain and the wind, smoking and laughing our […]

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The ESFS Awards are the annual awards awarded by the European Science Fiction Society and voted on at that year’s Eurocon. I wish I could say they were like the Hugos, but they are nowhere nearly as popular or widely known. Europe being Europe, language will get in the way. While this brings diversity and […]


Accountability: March 2020

Well, that title has a whole new layer of meaning now. TBH, I have very little memory now how I spent the first two weeks of March. Working mostly, as the Bronze Girl script was supposed to be turned on March 25th and we were only on draft one. That and a lot of other […]

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Spring Convention Season

Spring is convention season in Croatia – Fanstastikon in Split, Istrakon in Pazin, SFeraKon in Zagreb all happen March to May. And that’s just getting started. Usually. Am feeling a bit blue, even though I have attended more SFera meetings (online!) in the last 2 weeks than I have in the last year.  So I […]

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I think last year might have been the one where I burnt out but was too busy to notice. I set a goal for Rantalica for 2019 – a minimum of 4 posts a month, one of them accountability. I managed it in February, April, May, June, July, September, October and November. 8 out of […]

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