Accountability: April is the Cruelest Month

Images of stuff written in notebooks disappearing haunted my dreams while preparing this post. Not kidding. I had a feeling this past month that I was using all my time, all the time, to keep track of where I am and what I am doing. It was exhausting! But I did get a lot done. […]

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Chasing Waterfalls – A Day in Central Istria

The notion of Istria, the largest Croatian peninsula, being magical gets repeated a lot, especially on touristy sites. But the fact is, a place that can make a coldish, cloudy, rainy spring Sunday seem like a gift from heaven must be at least a little bit magical Nope, not talking Istrakon, that I covered in […]

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Accountabilty sucks!

March flew buy and I do not think I got to lift my head. What did I do? Managed to make myself feel like I came up lacking, since I did not make everything I planned come about. That includes the 4 a month posts here. There were two. It will have to do. Where […]

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Neeee stiižžeeeem!

So, in hindsight, the shortest month of the year is maybe not the best one to start doing accountability posts. Also, I change plans all the time. Only, I did not change this one, it changed itself, somehow. I really have no idea what to write now: feels like I dropped of the face of […]

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Empress Reminder

Last 10 days to send your entries for Empress! The (extended) deadline for submissions is on Friday, 15th of February 2019. Looking forward to reading feminist fiction! When, what, where? Here. 🙂

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