Upcoming SF Conventions in April

I used to dream of going to Worldcon, and now I plan my vacations around SF conventions. Science fiction has become mainstream, and cons are popping up everywhere. Too many to count, way too many to visit, but I plan to have so much fun giving it a good go. Even though right now it […]

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Istrakon 2015: Sunday

Sunday is a very relaxed day at Istrakon – one can tell by the fact that everything is running a bit late and items keep appearing and disappearing from the schedule. I somehow missed this year’s Coffee with the Organizers although I have no idea what I was doing at the time. Babysitting probably. My […]

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Istrakon 2015: Friday

I have no idea how Friday went – for the second time in years I could not go straight after work at the end of the week. But I do know one thing did happen, even though I missed it: TranSFerzala. It’s a fun project cooked up by two Croatian SF societies, the Rijeka based […]

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