New leadership of European Science Fiction Society

Eurocon 2013 in Kiev is over. The European Science Fiction Society has changed its leadership and the new ESFS Board members are as follows:

Chair: Carolina Gomez Lagerlof (Sweden)
Vice-chair: Saija Kyllonen (Finland)
Treasurer: Vanja Kranjcevic (Croatia)
Secretary: Garreth Kavanaugh (Ireland)
Award Administrator: Bridget Wilkinson (UK)

Congratulations to all! Carolina Gomez Lagerlof, who has been elected chair, was one of my GUFF nominators from the European side. I am especially proud of Croatian fan Vanja Kranjcevic, who has been the chief of registration at SFeraKon for many years.



About Mihaela Marija Perkovic

Mihaela Marija Perkovic was GUFF laureate 2013 and is now the European GUFF Adminstrator. She is also a writer. And Mum. PR wizard. Journalist. Translator. Clutz. Copywriter. SF fan. Writing workshops aficionado. SFera member. Conrunner. Lousy photographer.
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