The ESFS Awards are the annual awards awarded by the European Science Fiction Society and voted on at that year’s Eurocon. I wish I could say they were like the Hugos, but they are nowhere nearly as popular or widely known. Europe being Europe, language will get in the way. While this brings diversity and […]


Famous Fan: Nina Horvath

Austrian fan and author, Nina Horvath, took a chance on visiting the Zagreb Eurocon in 2012 after an inspiring talk by Dave Lally somewhere in Austria. I love the fact that she had made contact with me, Croatian and European fandom at the con we named Kontakt. Nina has since done a lot, moved, won […]

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Istrakon turns 20!

IRijeka’s Rikon turned 20 a few years back and that was the best con I attended in a long while; I could the goose bumps the entire weekend, and long after. SFeraKon turned 40 last year and one could feel the organizers walking on clouds with excitement. Istrakon turned 20 year and there was none […]

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My Istrakon 2019 Schedule

I love Istria in the spring, and I especially love Pazin in the spring, and not only because of Istrakon. The biggest Croatian peninsula is truly magical and I am at great pains today trying to decide which of my favourite places there I can squeeze into a very tight schedule since I am not […]

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The 2019 GUFF Delegate is Simon Litten!

New Zealand fan Simon Litten will be the GUFF delegate at the Irish Worldcon this summer in Dublin, representing Australian and New Zealand SF fandom. Litten won against Australian writer and Conflux organizer, Nicole Murphy, and fellow New Zealander and con-runner, Lynelle Howel, in a hard fought race. “It was a very nail biting race. […]

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