China Science Fiction Convention 2019

The fourth annual China Science Fiction Conference was held from November 2-3 in Beijing, and I was lucky enough to be among the people that the organizers, China Association for Science and Technology, invited to attend.The con was held at the Beijing Expo, right next to the Riverside hotel where I was staying.  It is […]

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Accountability: August 2019

I had such big blogging plans for August, and the month just wooshed by me. A month ago I would have been pissed off for not making the bare minimum I set myself for any month – 4 posts – but August was all holidays and fun and good tiredness, and very little time for […]

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Summer Loving…. to Read: July 2019

July was all about working hard and the Hugos. It was hot, and ocassionaly very rainy, and the first July in a long time I mostly spent in Zagreb. I loved it. The month kicked off with Fantastic Zagreb, a local scifi film festival which usually features an awesome streak of genre classics in an […]

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Ugljan is a small island across from Zadar, it takes only 15 minutes by ferry to reach the mainland. It is the island of my husband’s choice and the island of circumstance for me, and it took the longest time for it to become even a little bit mine.  There is nothing wrong with it […]

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Chasing Waterfalls – A Day in Central Istria

The notion of Istria, the largest Croatian peninsula, being magical gets repeated a lot, especially on touristy sites. But the fact is, a place that can make a coldish, cloudy, rainy spring Sunday seem like a gift from heaven must be at least a little bit magical Nope, not talking Istrakon, that I covered in […]

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