A spilling day

Today was my last day in Perth for this part of trip. My host and GUFF administrator @Splanky took me to a lovely place for some Japanese food, to a book store, where I could not resist buying a copy of Lucy Sussex’s Thief of Life, and to a place near the Swan river where I saw some black swans.
I was a bit nervous over checking into my flght, because I always am. The only part of flying I actually hate is the one where I have to get to the airport in time. (Traumas from when I did not, of course.)

I got settled nicely into a not overly crowded flight and everything was peachy until the take off. Which is usually my favourite part of the flight. This time in the middle of it, water began splashing me on the shoulder. It had spilt from my water bottle. My Mac and the camera and most of the books were ok, and the print was fine. I could not help myself – I did stand up in the middle of it all and took all the stuff down. I do not think the staff were really pleased with that.

Later I managed to spill some coffee on the seat next to mine. And some juice on myself. So I would not be feel cold only on side (the one where the water from the overhead compartement was periodically dripping. Lest  relax about what almost happened to my precious comp.

And when I unpacked, I discovered that one of my creams had spilled too. All over everything.



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