Mihaela Marija Perkovic is a Croatian writer and science fiction fan who just happens to be the current European GUFF administrator. She was the GUFF delegate in 2013 when she spent 6 weeks in March, April and May of that year traveling in Australia and New Zealand, visiting SF fandom down under. While there, she took part in two fan-run science fiction conventions, Swancon 2013 in Perth, WA and Conflux 9 / Natcon 52 in Canberra.

She has published short fiction in Croatian mainstream and genre publications. Her story “The Final Exam” has been translated into Polish and English. It is one of the stories published in the trilingual anthology of Croatian SF fiction, Bella Proxima.

Mihaela also co-edited the first Croatian collection of fantasy short stories, Dragon’s Golden Scroll, and is currently a member the editorial staff of the Croatian SF literary magazine Ubiq which won the ESFS Award for best European SF magazine in 2011. She is a contributor and editor at Croatian portal and SF magazine NOSF.net.

Mihaela has been active in science fiction fandom since 2004, when she answered an ad in the Croatian SF magazine Futura in which the Zagreb based science fiction society SFera was looking for SFERA Award jury members. Somehow, by the end of her first run as a jury member, she ended up being the president of said jury, a position she still holds today.  This lovely title entails both the administration of the oldest Croatian genre award as well as participation in the work of the jury itself.

At a number of Croatian cons, and there are seven annually, Mihaela has been lecturer, moderator, workshop coordinator, hospitality head, book fair coordinator, assistant programming coordinator, interpreter and GoH host.

Since 2006 she has been PR manager of SFera and SFeraKon, creating a strong presence of Croatian SF fandom in the local and regional media. Her hard work culminated in the excellent press she got for Eurocon 2012 which was held in Zagreb in April 2012 under the name Kontakt, for which she was praised by Cheryl Morgan.

Despite having visited Eurocon and being in touch with other European SF fans, Mihaela still felt she knew very little about non-anglophone fandoms in Europe. So she came up with a way to rectify this by having the Zagreb Eurocon have a special track dedicated to the representation of various European SF fandoms and literatures. The resulting Kontakt Special Track at Eurocon 2012 was very successful: eight European countries were featured in eleven presentations. An e-book edition of the material is forthcoming in 2015.

Mihaela earned her English degree with a paper on “SF tropes in Peter Carey’s short fiction” and her journalist degree with a paper on book PR in Croatia which she is planning to turn into a non-fiction book. Enthusiastic, cheerful and chatty, she earns her living like any true writer – by her wits and her words and odd jobs in between.

Thus, she is a PR consultant, mother, journalist, spokesperson, translator of fiction, non-fiction, poetry and comics books, community and content manager, copywriter, and activist. SHe is an active blogger, a rather untalented photographer and an avid reader in love with books and reading, SF and fandom, swimming and salsa, knitting, breastfeeding and organic produce. For now.



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