Natjecaj za pricu spekulativne fikcije Empress of the Damned Housework

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Being a mum and writing some

Me, twenty or more years ago, when I was ten or so, that’s when I started reading SF. I still hadn’t read everything library had to offer. This was before Twitter, Facebook, online fan fiction communities and the endless stream of data you can find if you know how to surf through all the unnecessaries. […]

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Interview: Aleksandar Žiljak

Aleksandar Žiljak is the only Croatian author who has won a SFERA Award in two categories – for best story and best novel – in the same year. He is also one of the most prolific genre authors in the country. Other than being famous for his writing, Žiljak is also famous in Croatian fandom […]

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Interview at EuropaSF

I have been interviewed by Cristian Tamas, the Romanian author and fan who runs the EuropaSF portal, winner of the 2013 ESFS Award. This year in Kiev, at Eurocon 2013, a new  board has been elected to run the European Science Fiction Society for the next three years. Since the same people had been running […]

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Locus Awards 2013

Before I had a child I never felt overwhelmed by the number of books on my to read list. These days that list just keep getting longer and longer, while the number of books I read a week has sadly depleted. Yes, the trip to Australia helped. (I positively gorged!) But still. This was all […]

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