Around the world in 80 stories

Got a really interesting email today from the young Austrian author whom I have already mentioned on this blog. It is a great initiative by a German publisher who is planning an anthology of 80 SF stories from around the world. I would love to see Australian authors as well as non-English speaking European featured […]

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Conflux Schedule

Conflux is a science fiction convention held in Canberra since 2004. I have been repeatedly warned it is of a more writerly bent. It seems to mean that is more similar to SFeraKon and Istrakon than Swancon was in terms of writers’ presence and numerous writing workshops. Am looking forward to finding out. My schedule, […]

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Swancon: How it went – the short version

Swancon was my first ever Australian con and I totally fell in love with it. (Now I just have to figure out how to make enough money to come back every year!)

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