Movie Mania: Alien – 4K

I was two and a half when Alien came out. I have no idea when and if it came to Yugoslav cinemas. Even in the 80s I would have been too young to be taken to the cinema to see it, not that there were any ratings in Yugoslavia that would have prevented it, officially. […]

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Shippers everywhere

Watching Avengers: Age of Ultron made me think that shipping has gone mainstream. Shippers have become so vigorously unashamed of their ships (not to say proud) that they have become visible to the point where is impossible to ignore them. Shipping as a term originated from Original Star Trek where ship was often referred as […]

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Scenaristika i domaci film na SFeraKonu 2015

Filmski program na SFeraKonu svake je godine bogat i neobican, a vec i svi vrapci na grani znaju koliko smo slabi na domaca SF izdanja sedme umjetnosti. U petak cemo predstaviti novi SFerin s filmom povezani projekt – SFerin scenaristicki inkubator.  SFera je 2013. godine prijavila, a HAVC u 2014. podržao, scenaristicku radionicu koju je […]

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The Running Man :)

Everybody’s been telling me about The Hunger Games lately. Sure, I’ll get around to reading and watching it… But today I would really love to re-watch the dystopia action I loved as a kid:  The Running Man. Or perhaps Robocop. 😉

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Heavy Metal

This adult animated movie haunted my dreams when I was a kid. Why am I thinking about it tonight? Because Animafest started today, the most awesome animation festival on the planet and it happens to be held in my home town. 😉 Also, am writing about it and will enjoy working late this evening – […]

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