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I have been contributing to the NOSF portal for a number of years, since my friend Irena Rašeta took it over. She was the one who came up with the Thursday Reader, at a time when it was not as easy as it is today, to find free SF fiction online, legally available. In English, the Online Thursday Reader sounds ok, but just ok, while in Croatian it is “Online citanka cetvrtkom”. (Of course, I am one huge sucker for alliteration, so the name might not be that great to everybody.)

The category usually features authors we love to read and a portion of whose works is available for free online. Since work commitments and hard times in Croatia have forced most of the volunteer NOSF team to cut back on the hours they devote to it, what used to be part of the free NOSF magazine is now an integral part of the eponymous portal.

Today, instead of the Thursday Reader, NOSF has published a story by a new author, Maya Starling.  You can read take on one of the most famous fairytales  here, and you can also look for another one of her stories at the fan funds auction at Novacon, which she had generously donated to GUFF fundraising efforts.



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