I met Australian author Nicole Murphy during my GUFF trip in 2013. She was one of the people running Conflux, and since it was the 52 Naton that year, I was there as GUFF delegate. Today, she is not only an author in two genres, but also running for GUFF and I am one of […]


FAMOUS FAN: Irena Rašeta

I met Irena Rašeta at my first SF convention, which was Essekon in Osijek, sometime, I think, in 2003. She was a literary guest there, because she wrote for NOSF, a online fanzine run by Davor Banović. It was a meeting that changed my life, only I did not know it then. Petra Bulić, Irena […]

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Famous fan: Marcin Klak

Marcin is one of the many Polish fans making that country’s fandom a great one. He attends SF cons all over Poland regularly, collaborates with a number of fanzines and is one of the rare Polish fans who attends conventions outside Poland. And once you see a calendar of Polish SF cons, and witness the […]

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Interview: Aleksadar Žiljak, the GoH

Aleksandar Žiljak may be the most known name of Croatian SF literature outside of Croatia. He is certainly the most translated Croatian genre author and I have already talked to him as have other people, Charles Tan at SF Signal for instance. But 2015 seems to be his year: three Guest of Honour spots – […]

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A few short questions for SFeraKon GoH Kate Elliott

The American SF and fantasy writer Kate Elliott will be flying in all the way from Hawaii to be the Guest of Honour at SFeraKon 2015. She is busy packing right now but she still found some time to drop us a short note. 1. What made you decide to accept the invitation to SFeraKon? […]

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