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We have a 2016 GUFF delegate!

The awesome Gillian Polack and I announce with pleasure that the winner of the 2016 GUFF race is - Jukka Halme! Congratulations to both Jukka and Contact, the Australian Natcon 2016 in Brisbane which will host him as a fan fund delegate! We know it will be a LOT of fun for everyone involved! Thank… Continue reading We have a 2016 GUFF delegate!

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GUFF in Finland, Finnish fan in GUFF

Thanks to the amazing Ben Romoila, my GUFF trip introduced me to Finnish fandom. Now the boot is on the other foot, with Jukka Halme standing for the north-south GUFF journey. In honour of this reversal, here are select extracts from my GUFF report. If you want the whole thing, it’s available for a donation… Continue reading GUFF in Finland, Finnish fan in GUFF

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Dysprosium: Saturday

One of the biggest disappointments of my Chicon 7 trip was the fact that the con hotel did not have a pool. I am addicted to swimming and after a long day of sitting there is nothing better than a long swim. I loved that I was able to stay at the con hotel in… Continue reading Dysprosium: Saturday