China Science Fiction Convention 2019

The fourth annual China Science Fiction Conference was held from November 2-3 in Beijing, and I was lucky enough to be among the people that the organizers, China Association for Science and Technology, invited to attend.The con was held at the Beijing Expo, right next to the Riverside hotel where I was staying.  It is […]

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Famous Fan: Regina Wang Kanyu

I met Regina at Worldcon 75, and I honestly do not remember exactly when. By the time I was traveling to Helsinki at the beginning of August 2017 for the con itself, she was already one of my favourite people there. The first thing we did, on that Tuesday when we landed, was to leave […]

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Istrakon turns 20!

IRijeka’s Rikon turned 20 a few years back and that was the best con I attended in a long while; I could the goose bumps the entire weekend, and long after. SFeraKon turned 40 last year and one could feel the organizers walking on clouds with excitement. Istrakon turned 20 year and there was none […]

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SFeraKon 2019

SFeraKon is the oldest and (still!) the largest SF convention in Croatia. Started 41 years ago, it has hosted Eurocon twice as well as many great writers of science fiction. This year it is happening from May 10th – 12th, at FER (Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing ) in Zagreb. If you’ve never been, […]

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Upcoming SF Conventions in April

I used to dream of going to Worldcon, and now I plan my vacations around SF conventions. Science fiction has become mainstream, and cons are popping up everywhere. Too many to count, way too many to visit, but I plan to have so much fun giving it a good go. Even though right now it […]

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