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Milena Benini

Occasionally, I get asked to speak on TV. A couple months ago it was about the awesome Russian SF film Kin dza dza! which was aired on Croatian TV, today it was about the fictional worlds of Milena Benini, one of the best and most versatile Croatian SF writers. As I was trying to squeeze… Continue reading Milena Benini

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Marsonikon 2014: Report and GUFF auction

Marsonikon is the youngest currently running Croatian con - this was their third year. It takes place in Slavonski Brod, a town in Slavonia which used to be known as Marsonia in the Roman Empire, hence the name of the con. It is the only one day convention in the country and also the only… Continue reading Marsonikon 2014: Report and GUFF auction

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Rikon 2013 – Friday

The con opened at 18:00 and the program started at 19:00, which I missed because we were late starting from Zagreb. Late because of me and all the papers I was very slow in getting into order - SFera gets some funding from the city of Zagreb and of course the first day of Rikon… Continue reading Rikon 2013 – Friday