The World After Worldcon

Worldcon is awesome. Always has been, always will be, fun and fails and all. But it also very tiring. More than a year after Helsinki, I am still recuperating. Of course, it would have helped not to have been chair of SFerakon in the year leading up to Worldcon 2017. But in perfect hindsight vision, […]

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Famous fan: Marcin Klak

Marcin is one of the many Polish fans making that country’s fandom a great one. He attends SF cons all over Poland regularly, collaborates with a number of fanzines and is one of the rare Polish fans who attends conventions outside Poland. And once you see a calendar of Polish SF cons, and witness the […]

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It is time to vote: GUFF 2019

Time to decide who will be the GUFF delegate in Dublin next summer. 😉 Read all about the candidates below, and cast you vote here, no later than April 22nd, 2019. Remember it does not count unless accompanied by a donation! Donate here. (New to Guff? See here.) As I am the nominator for the […]

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Rikon 2018, Aliette de Bodard and fun, fun, fun

I have no idea how I decided to go to Rikon for the first time. I do not even remember what year it was when I went for the first time. I dimly remember my friend Irena Rašeta and I being put up by a young man in student lodgings. I remember very well the […]

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Izazov krvi wins the Artefakt

The YA novel Izazov krvi (The Challenge of Blood) by Vesna Kurilic won the Artefakt Award, one of the two Croatian science fiction awards. Artefakt has been awarded since 2010 and, in its categories of YA and children’s fiction, it features a special jury, one made up of the young members of reader’s clubs lead […]

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