Swancon: How it went – the short version

Swancon was my first ever Australian con and I totally fell in love with it. (Now I just have to figure out how to make enough money to come back every year!)

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Swancon 2013

Small or big, any con with four guests of honour ends up with lots of interesting programming items. But small ones, like Swancon, have the advantage: very few scheduling conflicts! I will not have to choose between Charlie Stross, John Birmingham, Gail Simone and Lucy Sussex.

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Sweating the transfer

Even tough I am wholly unafraid of flying, I still turn into a nervous wreck when  travelling. Flying is enjoyable for me. All the parts that freak the shit out of people – the take off, the landing, the occasional turbulence and the falling free feeling – are worlds of fun.

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My GUFF itinerary

I have finally set the dates and booked all the flights. I will be spending almost seven weeks traveling in Australia and New Zealand on my GUFF trip.   AUSTRALIA PERTH March 26 – April 2 2013 Swancon 2013 May 7 – May 9, 2013 MELBOURNE April 2 – April 11 2013 Nova Mob Meeting […]

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“Fuck it, I’m gonna go to Australia!”

Because I won the GUFF race! YAAAAAAY!    

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