Liburnicon 2013

Liburnicon is the youngest of all Croatian SF conventions, and possibly also organized by the youngest crew as well. It is a two-day event oriented mainly towards having geeky fun, but since their chair was also the chief of volunteers at Kontakt they have begun to bring in literary guests.

Liburnicon 2013 will be held in the oldeset tourist resort on the Adriatic, the charming little town of Opatija, on August 23-24, 2013 and the official theme is pirates. The Guests of Honour this year are author Jacqueline Carey and SF critic and blogger Cheryl Morgan.

On Sunday there is no programming but they are offering a very interesting boat trip, a Pirate Boat Party that includes lunch, a cruise down the Opatija Riviera, a two hour stop at Njivice, the biggest tourist destination on the nearby island of Krk where there is a lovely beach as well as a visit to the Griffon Conservation Centre in the village of Beli on the island Cres.

There will of course be a GUFF auction at Liburnicon.



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