When the Artist Is (Omni)Present – 80 years of Margaret Atwood

Tonight, I am taking part in Canadian Week – Marking Margaret Atwood’s 80th Birthday by being part of a panel with two exceptional women, Vanja Polic and Petra Sapun Kuring. The panel – When the Artist Is (Omni)Present – 80 years of Margaret Atwood – will take place at 20:00 today, at Booksa in Zagreb […]

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Liburnicon 2019

For a long time, Liburnicon, held in the famous tourist town of Opatija since 2006, was the youngest Croatian SF. Although I miss the smallish summer convention that use to close out the summer by providing late programming over that final weekend at the seaside so we could all swim during the day, I am […]

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My SFeraKon Schedule

What does one do when the final program of SFeraKon comes out? One goes to mourn all the things one is scheduled against and swears not to suggest any more programming items in the future ever again. I am done with the mourning for this year, so here is where I have to be. As […]

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SFeraKon 2019

SFeraKon is the oldest and (still!) the largest SF convention in Croatia. Started 41 years ago, it has hosted Eurocon twice as well as many great writers of science fiction. This year it is happening from May 10th – 12th, at FER (Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing ) in Zagreb. If you’ve never been, […]

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Calls for Fiction: A Short Roundup

It was very rainy and rather cold in Zagreb for the weekend, and I spent most of it outside. Because I am contrary by nature, because there’s just something about dreary April weather that speaks to my soul and because the sunny, warm days can really, truly get me down – April is the cruelest […]

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