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Unintended consequences & literary awards

The Hugos, voting systems and supporting memberships are a hot topic in SF fandom these days. I have a lot to say about it, but running a con while working full-time hours as a freelancer will severely limit one's free time (translation: I have 3 different Hugo-related articles pending that might or might not ever… Continue reading Unintended consequences & literary awards

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2013 SF&F Translation Awards Short Lists Announced at Finncon

The Association for the Recognition of Excellence in SF & F Translation (ARESFFT), is a California Non-Profit Corporation funded entirely by donations, announced the 2013 finalists for the Science Fiction and Fantasy Translation Awards (for works published in 2012) at Finncon, held in Helsinki last weekend. I am very proud Croatian fan, writer and translator… Continue reading 2013 SF&F Translation Awards Short Lists Announced at Finncon

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Locus Awards 2013

Before I had a child I never felt overwhelmed by the number of books on my to read list. These days that list just keep getting longer and longer, while the number of books I read a week has sadly depleted. Yes, the trip to Australia helped. (I positively gorged!) But still. This was all… Continue reading Locus Awards 2013