Diary of a conrunner: Worldcon 75, Helsinki, August 2017

Worldcon LogoBlogs tend to go untended when life happens. When work also happens, a blog becomes somewhat endangered, especially if, along with life and work, one happens to take on Worldcon organizing duties. Yeah, I have been called crazy to my face.
Honestly, when I joined the W75 team, I envisioned myself blogging every single step of the way. I was that thrilled to be asked, that proud of myself for daring to accept and that determined to make it the best experience EVER.*
Two staff weekends and many, many months later, I am in Helsinki for the third time. I am one piece excitement, one piece absolute and total DREAD (what did I forget to do? what did I forget to do?! what was I unaware I had to do? OMG OMG OMG If I fuck this up, they fandom will hate Croatians forever and ever, all because of me! and the Croats will kill me if I ruin their awesome reputation), and once piece pure JOY. As in WOOOOOORLDCOOOOOON!
Yeah, Helsinki is frightfully expensive. But I do not need a car anyway, right? It will likely be too expensive to breathe after August 15th, but totally worth it. WORLDCON. And SAUNA. So very much sauna. (Also, sauna at Worldcon – only the Finns could do this!)
Hope you all have a good one. I know I will.
(*and the answer? ask me again on the 15th)



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GUFF Call for Nominations – Northbound Race 2016

GUFF Call for Nominations

GUFF is the Get Up and Over (or Going Under) Fan Fund which transports SF fans from Australasia to Europe (and vice versa).

Nominations are now open for the northbound race, to transport a Australasian fan to Worldcon 75 (http://www.worldcon.fi/), the 75th World Science Fiction Convention, to be held in Helsinki, Finland, 9-13 August , 2017.

Depending on the length of trip they’re able to make, the winner could also consider visiting other parts of European fandom. The winner will also be required to take over the administration of the fund for the next northbound and southbound races.

If you wish to stand, please contact us at the postal or email address below. You will need three Australasian and two European nominators (who will each need to confirm their nominations), a platform of no more than 100 words to appear on the ballot, a bond of £15/€20/AU$25 as a guarantee you will attend the 2017 Worldcon if you win.

If you wish to stand and are unsure about how to go about getting any of these things, what the fund pays for or the duties of a GUFF delegate and administrator, then feel free to contact us in confidence.

Nominations are open until 17th November 2016, and candidates will be announced soon after. Voting will then run until Saturday 1st April 2017, with the winner announced online as soon as possible after voting has closed.

Nominations should be sent to books at gillianpolack dot com or rantalica at gmail dot com or Mihaela-Marija Perkovic, Maksimirska 100d, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia. The bond can be sent by checque to Mihaela at the above address, or by PayPal to guffeurope@gmail.com, or contact her for bank deposit details. Cash can be given directly to Gillian Polack or contact her for bank deposit details.



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We have a 2016 GUFF delegate!

The awesome Gillian Polack and I announce with pleasure that the winner of the 2016 GUFF race is – Jukka Halme!

Congratulations to both Jukka and Contact, the Australian Natcon 2016 in Brisbane which will host him as a fan fund delegate! We know it will be a LOT of fun for everyone involved!

Thank you all for your votes and your generous donations!

Stats forthcoming after Mihaela has her math lesson. 🙂






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