Ugljan is a small island across from Zadar, it takes only 15 minutes by ferry to reach the mainland. It is the island of my husband’s choice and the island of circumstance for me, and it took the longest time for it to become even a little bit mine.  There is nothing wrong with it […]

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Movie Mania: Alien – 4K

I was two and a half when Alien came out. I have no idea when and if it came to Yugoslav cinemas. Even in the 80s I would have been too young to be taken to the cinema to see it, not that there were any ratings in Yugoslavia that would have prevented it, officially. […]

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Liburnicon 2019

For a long time, Liburnicon, held in the famous tourist town of Opatija since 2006, was the youngest Croatian SF. Although I miss the smallish summer convention that use to close out the summer by providing late programming over that final weekend at the seaside so we could all swim during the day, I am […]

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Sun, Fun, and Much Daydreaming: June 2019

I spent most of June not writing the accountability post for May and avoiding some other stuff as well. I also spent all of June in a haze of horny. Maybe it was the delayed spring thing. It rained most of May and was blissfully chill, but when the warm and then hot weather hit, […]

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Books To Binge: Xuya Universe by Aliette de Bodard

            A Universe of Twists and Beauty.             Everybody knows what a good space opera needs: at least one galaxy-spanning empire, space stations, fast ships, political shenanigans, and wars. And Aliette de Bodard’s Xuya universe provides all that – but, with a twist.             Now, things with a twist often depend on that twist alone, […]

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