Fantastikon 2019

When I was a kid, Split was a stop on the way to the happy place. One filled with relatives that needed to be visited and tourists which I did not like since they were the reason we had to wait so long to get on the ferry for Brač. Today, it is a world […]

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Neeee stiižžeeeem!

So, in hindsight, the shortest month of the year is maybe not the best one to start doing accountability posts. Also, I change plans all the time. Only, I did not change this one, it changed itself, somehow. I really have no idea what to write now: feels like I dropped of the face of […]

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The World After Worldcon

Worldcon is awesome. Always has been, always will be, fun and fails and all. But it also very tiring. More than a year after Helsinki, I am still recuperating. Of course, it would have helped not to have been chair of SFerakon in the year leading up to Worldcon 2017. But in perfect hindsight vision, […]

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FAMOUS FAN: Irena Rašeta

I met Irena Rašeta at my first SF convention, which was Essekon in Osijek, sometime, I think, in 2003. She was a literary guest there, because she wrote for NOSF, a online fanzine run by Davor Banović. It was a meeting that changed my life, only I did not know it then. Petra Bulić, Irena […]

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Empress Reminder

Last 10 days to send your entries for Empress! The (extended) deadline for submissions is on Friday, 15th of February 2019. Looking forward to reading feminist fiction! When, what, where? Here. 🙂 Comments comments

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