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Pyrkon 2015: Sunday

On the last day of any con I start to be a bit worn out. Not so at Pyrkon but this might be a consequence of sharing a room with someone who is as much a morning person as I am. That was a really refreshing change in pace for me - thank you, Irena!… Continue reading Pyrkon 2015: Sunday

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Pyrkon 2015: Saturday

The second day of Pyrkon started off with a bit of weird deja-vu: it was a new day, as sunny and warm as Friday. And once we walked to the venue, the lines were also there again, just like on Friday. Another huge mass of fans were waiting to register! At first glance this was… Continue reading Pyrkon 2015: Saturday

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Pyrkon: Friday 2015

You say Pyrkon, and numbers immediately start being thrown around. It's the Polish convention that had 15 000 members last year. No, 25 000! Or was it 30 000? You can check and recheck different sources, but it does not matter. The numbers sound so incredible, it really makes no difference. You can't help doubting.… Continue reading Pyrkon: Friday 2015