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During my GUFF trip I was hosted by a number of Australian and New Zealand fans. They taught me about their countries and showed me their – very special, geeky, wonderful and quite personal – versions of the cities I was visiting. I learned that not matter how much SF fandom all over the world was similar, the differences were a delight. So here they are. Some of them, at least.

Make Eastercon better – fill out a survey!

British fan Caroline Mullan says: Eastercons have been destination conventions for GUFF delegates and funders of GUFF races since the founding of GUFF. We’d welcome the views of those involved with GUFF/DUFF. This means all of you, non-UK European and … Continue reading

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GUFF in Finland, Finnish fan in GUFF

Thanks to the amazing Ben Romoila, my GUFF trip introduced me to Finnish fandom. Now the boot is on the other foot, with Jukka Halme standing for the north-south GUFF journey. In honour of this reversal, here are select extracts … Continue reading

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Unintended consequences & literary awards

The Hugos, voting systems and supporting memberships are a hot topic in SF fandom these days. I have a lot to say about it, but running a con while working full-time hours as a freelancer will severely limit one’s free … Continue reading

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