A few short questions for SFeraKon GoH Kate Elliott

Kate Elliott packing for Croatia!  Photo by Jay Silverstein
Kate Elliott packing for Croatia!
Photo by Jay Silverstein

The American SF and fantasy writer Kate Elliott will be flying in all the way from Hawaii to be the Guest of Honour at SFeraKon 2015. She is busy packing right now but she still found some time to drop us a short note.

1. What made you decide to accept the invitation to SFeraKon?

When Ellen Wright, the publicist at Orbit Books, emailed me with the invitations and asked if I would be interested, I immediately wrote her back: “Am I interested? In my heart I am ALREADY THERE.”

How could I pass up a chance to see Croatia, to meet readers and fellow SFF geeks in a part of Europe I’ve never visited, and of course to help Lumen launch the Croatian edition of Cold Magic?

2. What is the one thing you look forward the most in visiting Croatia?

I’m most looking forward to getting a glimpse firsthand of what is going on in a part of Europe the USA media ignores.

3. What, if anything, were you told to look out for in Zagreb?

The architecture, parks, museums, and Ivan Meštrovi?’s former residence. I’m hoping to do a bike tour of the city first thing to get my bearings. Zagreb seems so lovely.

4. What do you like the most about SF conventions?

Talking to people who have the same enthusiasms I do.

Kate will be at SFeraKon for the entire duration of the con and since SFeraKon does not practice separating GoHs from fans, you can come talk to her! If you are feeling shy, check out the SFeraKon schedule – she will have a Q&A on Friday, a lecture on writing on Saturday and a worldbuilding workshop on Sunday. 🙂



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