The SFERA Awards for 2014

The part they take home
The part they take home Photo by Zvonimir Ferina @SFeraKon 2009

SFERA, established in 1981, is the oldest genre award in the region and the most prestigious one in Croatia. It was founded by the Zagreb based science fiction society SFera, after which it was named. It’s just spelled differently. The idea was to try and popularize science fiction as a genre and to stimulate its production in Croatian.

It worked: since the beginning of the eighties, the SFERA Award grew in categories and in the number of people whose work was eligible. The juries and the chairs of the award have changed numerous times. There have been glorious moments, some fights, a couple of scandals and one outrage that will remain forever noted in the history of Croatian fandom because it created a second genre award – Artefakt. (Take heart, Anglophone fandom, shitstorms can make a fandom richer but that’s a whole different post!).

The part SFera keeps and we fondly refer to as The Ashtray.
The part SFera keeps and fondly refers to as “The Ashtray”. Photo by Zvonimir Ferina @SFeraKon 2009

The winners are:

Short-short: Jurica Ranj „Korisnicka služba, Parsek 123, SFera

Short story: Davor Šišovic, „Zavarivaci“, Anthology “Prsten s one strane sna”, Refestikon

Story: Zrinka Pavlic, „Sava ispod Sljemena“, Anthology “Imaš vatre?”, Jesenski i Turk

Novel: Tanja Tolic, „Zovem se nebo“, Ljevak

Children’s novel: Jelena Radan, „Zeda“, Algoritam

Theory: Slaven Škapul, „Imaginarij distopijskog filma!, Ubiq 15, SFera

Special achievemnet: Astra, a pervasive LARP, Ivana Delac i Vesna Kurilic

The SFERA awards will be handed out on Saturday, May 16th at 20:00 at SFeraKon 2015.



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