Calls for Fiction: A Short Roundup

Image by athree23 from Pixabay

It was very rainy and rather cold in Zagreb for the weekend, and I spent most of it outside. Because I am contrary by nature, because there’s just something about dreary April weather that speaks to my soul and because the sunny, warm days can really, truly get me down – April is the cruelest month.

It was not all parks, zoos and walking, I did do a tiny bit or writing. I attended an online workshop by the very awesome Cat Rambo on flash fiction. (Here is her classes list, I highly recommend them.)

So now it is Monday, and I have a number of lumps in progress, as a result of the workshop and of post-workshop inspiration, and all I want to do is write those. My to-do list disagrees with that plan so very much.

Thus, I am procrastinating in a productive way: here is a short list of places looking for fiction, flash or otherwise, I find irresistibly interesting today:

And no, of course, I’m not binge reading flash fiction!



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