Interview at EuropaSF

I have been interviewed by Cristian Tamas, the Romanian author and fan who runs the EuropaSF portal, winner of the 2013 ESFS Award. This year in Kiev, at Eurocon 2013, a new  board has been elected to run the European Science Fiction Society for the next three years. Since the same people had been running the ESFS for year, this changeover came as a bit of a surprise and had since raised expectations on the European fandom scene. Me, I was just ecstatic a Croatian fan made the cut. Of course, I do have some opinions and you can read about them here.

You can also get some truly Eurpean perspective from additional interviews on the subject with members of the board, Italian writer Debora Montanari and award winning Austrian author and fan who has guest blogged here, Nina Horvath. A lovely way to start a week after a great weekend.



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Mihaela Marija Perkovic was GUFF laureate 2013 and is now the European GUFF Adminstrator. She is also a writer. And Mum. PR wizard. Journalist. Translator. Clutz. Copywriter. SF fan. Writing workshops aficionado. SFera member. Conrunner. Lousy photographer.
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