Swancon 2013

Small or big, any con with four guests of honour ends up with lots of interesting programming items. But small ones, like Swancon, have the advantage: very few scheduling conflicts! I will not have to choose between Charlie Stross, John Birmingham, Gail Simone and Lucy Sussex.

My own presentation, “European SF literature and EuroFandom”, is tonight at 22:00. An hour is not nearly enough time to do justice to the diversity of the complicated, many-tentacled and many-headed creature that is the European fandom. Even when I threw out UK and Ireland (due to lack of a language barrier), I was left with a mountain of material.


Of course, it did not until the last minute occur to me that I also need to convert the presentation into a format that Windows can read. Also, cannot stop adding last minute changes to the presentation.

I hope Aussie fans are like their Croatian counterparts: up for a late night panel. I would hate to have done all this fussing for nothing. If nobody shows up. #nervous



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