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During my GUFF trip I was hosted by a number of Australian and New Zealand fans. They taught me about their countries and showed me their – very special, geeky, wonderful and quite personal – versions of the cities I was visiting. I learned that not matter how much SF fandom all over the world was similar, the differences were a delight. So here they are. Some of them, at least.

Unintended consequences & literary awards

The Hugos, voting systems and supporting memberships are a hot topic in SF fandom these days. I have a lot to say about it, but running a con while working full-time hours as a freelancer will severely limit one’s free … Continue reading

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SFeraKon 2015 in English

In exactly one week I will be half-crazy and half-ecstatic, running around doing a million things at once. I call this the SFeraKon Saturday Insanity. The second day of the biggest Croatian SF con is always hectic for me. Almost … Continue reading

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Not Quite a Billion Year Spree: Swancon at 40

Ten years ago, I attended Swancon XXX, a strange and wondrous affair held at the Emerald Hotel Perth (now the Rendezvous Hotel Perth Central). I have many memories of that, my first SF convention, but the one thing that stands … Continue reading

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