SFeraKon 2015 in English

rsz_screen_shot_2015-05-09_at_91755_amIn exactly one week I will be half-crazy and half-ecstatic, running around doing a million things at once. I call this the SFeraKon Saturday Insanity. The second day of the biggest Croatian SF con is always hectic for me. Almost all the journalists turn up within the same hour, of course,  and the SFERA and SFERICE Award Ceremony script somehow manages to remain unwritten until that day, no matter how many weeks in advance the writing of it starts.  And all the fans that are not from Zagreb also arrive on Saturday and are eager to chat and have coffee and catch up. On a happier note, I get to be curt and not mistaken for rude 🙂

Running Kontakt, the 2012 Eurocon almost entirely in English we demonstrated we can do it, to ourselves most of all but to all the members too. Since then, we’ve always had some programming in English – at least one item per day and usually more – we just never bothered to announce it separately. (Yes, it’s a tradition, so we figured everybody new.)

Also, we somehow took it for granted everybody knew you could ask for an item to be in English, and some lecturers will be able to switch at a moment’s notice. Not everybody does, so this is your official notice! Ask, and if at all possible, it will happen.

Since I’ve gotten some queries about programming in English this year, here’s the breakdown for 2015.

Friday, May 15

  • GoH Q&A with Kate Elliott, 20:30-21:30
  • Konacno Sir Terry, Vrijeme je da krenemo zajedno, Milena Benini, 22:00-23:00
    (Finally Sir Terry, Time to Leave)*
    A lecture on where and how to start reading Sir Terrry Pratchett

Saturday, May 16

  • Fanzinska scena u Hrvata, Mirko Karas i Irena Hartmann, 15:30-16:00
    (Fanzine culture in Croatia)*
  • Contemporary German Language SF literature, Martin Stricker, 15:30-16:30
  • Kate Elliot, Guest of Honour Speech, 17:00-18:00
  • The Terry Pratchett After LIFE, Milena Benini, Petra Bulic, Tatjana Jambrišak, Mihaela Marija Perkovic, Marko Štengl 18:30-19:30
  • Once more with feeling 1, musical, 19:20-19:40
  • 50 godina planeta pustinje: Dina i zašto je volimo, Marko Fancovic, Mihaela Marija Perkovic, Vladimir Šegadin, 21:45 – 22:45
    (50 years of the desert planet: Dune and why we love it)*
  • Kad štenci podivljaju ili tko je strgao Huga, Milena Benini, 22:45-23:45
    (When puppies go beserk or who broke the Hugo)*

Sunday, May 17

  • Worldbuilding Literary Workshop, Kate Elliott, 15:30-17:30
  • Tragom bijelog zeca: Kako su Alisa i Lewis Carroll utjecali na pop kulturu, Milena Benini, Marko Fancovic, Jasna Legovic, Iva Polak, 15:30-16:30
    (Following the white rabbit: How Alisa and Lewis Carroll influenced pop culture)*
  • The Great April 2015 Tour (Easteron, Eurocon, Pyrkon, Antwerpen convention), 17:00-18:00
    Trip reports! Photos! Anecdotes not to be written down or repeated, ever!

The timetable is, of course, still subject to change.

In addition to this, almost everybody speaks English at the con.  All the other info you might need you can find here.

*These lectures/panels are announced as being held in Croatian, but the lecturers are proficient enough in English to be able to switch to it should there be foreigners in the audience.



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