Diary of a conrunner: Worldcon 75, Helsinki, August 2017

Worldcon LogoBlogs tend to go untended when life happens. When work also happens, a blog becomes somewhat endangered, especially if, along with life and work, one happens to take on Worldconorganizing duties. Yeah, I have been called crazy to my face.
Honestly, when I joined the W75 team, I envisioned myself blogging every single step of the way. I was that thrilled to be asked, that proud of myself for daring to accept and that determined to make it the best experience EVER.*
Two staff weekends and many, many months later, I am in Helsinki for the third time. I am one piece excitement, one piece absolute and total DREAD (what did I forget to do? what did I forget to do?! what was I unaware I had to do? OMG OMG OMG If I fuck this up, they fandom will hate Croatians forever and ever, all because of me! and the Croats will kill me if Iruintheir awesome reputation), and once piece pure JOY. As in WOOOOOORLDCOOOOOON!
Yeah, Helsinki is frightfully expensive. But I do not need a car anyway, right? It will likely be too expensive to breathe after August 15th, but totally worth it. WORLDCON. And SAUNA. So very much sauna. (Also, sauna at Worldcon – only the Finns could do this!)
Hope you all have a good one. I know I will.
(*and the answer? ask me again on the 15th)



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