Diary of a conrunner: Worldcon 75, Helsinki, August 2017

Worldcon LogoBlogs tend to go untended when life happens. When work also happens, a blog becomes somewhat endangered, especially if, along with life and work, one happens to take on Worldcon organizing duties. Yeah, I have been called crazy to my face.
Honestly, when I joined the W75 team, I envisioned myself blogging every single step of the way. I was that thrilled to be asked, that proud of myself for daring to accept and that determined to make it the best experience EVER.*
Two staff weekends and many, many months later, I am in Helsinki for the third time. I am one piece excitement, one piece absolute and total DREAD (what did I forget to do? what did I forget to do?! what was I unaware I had to do? OMG OMG OMG If I fuck this up, they fandom will hate Croatians forever and ever, all because of me! and the Croats will kill me if I ruin their awesome reputation), and once piece pure JOY. As in WOOOOOORLDCOOOOOON!
Yeah, Helsinki is frightfully expensive. But I do not need a car anyway, right? It will likely be too expensive to breathe after August 15th, but totally worth it. WORLDCON. And SAUNA. So very much sauna. (Also, sauna at Worldcon – only the Finns could do this!)
Hope you all have a good one. I know I will.
(*and the answer? ask me again on the 15th)



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