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ESFS Awards Nominations & Eurocon 2015

This year's Eurocon, Worldcon's European, smaller and younger cousin, will be held from April 23 to April 26, 2015 in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Founded in 1972 at the first meeting of the European Science Fiction Society (ESFS), Eurocon follows the pattern of Worldcons and bid for and then hosted in various places throughout Europe selected by… Continue reading ESFS Awards Nominations & Eurocon 2015

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The new and final Hugo ballot!

Now, some authors have withdrawn their work due to the SP controversy. This, as I understand, is the final Hugo ballot. If you have never voted for the Hugos, 2015 is a good year to start! Become a supporting member of Sasquan and vote away! No need to actually go to Worldcon, as I found… Continue reading The new and final Hugo ballot!

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Dysprosium: Sunday

Hearing about someone's creative process has always seemed a bit voyeuristic to me. This does happen a lot at SF cons and is a very enjoyable part of panels. I started off my Sunday morning with just such a panel, on film this time. Scriptwriter Mark Stay and VFX Supervisor Paddy Eason presented how their… Continue reading Dysprosium: Sunday