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Unintended consequences & literary awards

The Hugos, voting systems and supporting memberships are a hot topic in SF fandom these days. I have a lot to say about it, but running a con while working full-time hours as a freelancer will severely limit one's free time (translation: I have 3 different Hugo-related articles pending that might or might not ever… Continue reading Unintended consequences & literary awards

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The SFERA Awards for 2014

SFERA, established in 1981, is the oldest genre award in the region and the most prestigious one in Croatia. It was founded by the Zagreb based science fiction society SFera, after which it was named. It's just spelled differently. The idea was to try and popularize science fiction as a genre and to stimulate its… Continue reading The SFERA Awards for 2014

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Croatia wins two ESFS Awards!

And one of them is for me as best promoter! Having won an award for doing something I love - promoting science fiction - would have been great news and reason to celebrate any day. But winning one at a Russian Eurocon makes me twice as happy! I have an old report card from school… Continue reading Croatia wins two ESFS Awards!