ESFS Awards Nominations & Eurocon 2015

This year’s Eurocon, Worldcon’s European, smaller and younger cousin, will be held from April 23 to April 26, 2015 in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Founded in 1972 at the first meeting of the European Science Fiction Society (ESFS), Eurocon follows the pattern of Worldcons and bid for and then hosted in various places throughout Europe selected by membership vote at previous conventions.

Russia is hosting the event for the second time and has merged it, as is customary in Europe, with a major local convention. This year it is big annual Russian Science Fiction convention Interpresscon. Guests of Honor at Eurocon 2015 are Joe Abercrombie and Michael Stackpole, a Russian cosmonaut Pavel Vinogradov is the local GoH and the awesome Finnish fan Jukka Halme is Fan Guest of Honour.

Eurocon is also where the main European SF&F Awards are given out. And the nominees this year are:

 Hall of Fame

Best Author

Best Artist

Best Magazine

Best Publisher

Best Promoter

Best Translator

Spirit of Dedication

Best Artist

Best Performance

Encouragement Awards



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