Croatia wins two ESFS Awards!

Vanja and Ivan Kranj?evi? accepted the Croatian awards at Eurocon 2015
Vanja and Ivan Kranjcevic accepted the Croatian awards at Eurocon 2015

And one of them is for me as best promoter! Having won an award for doing something I love – promoting science fiction – would have been great news and reason to celebrate any day. But winning one at a Russian Eurocon makes me twice as happy! I have an old report card from school which says “Mihaela’s Russian is excellent, but her English could use some work”. (Not even remotely true nowadays!)

In a twist of fate, I ended up going to Pyrkon this year rather than the St. Petersburg Eurocon. One of the reasons was that I felt that Polish fans needed to find out about fan funds and the Helsinki in 2017 bid. So I have the best possible excuse for not being there to say thank you in person: I was busy promoting science fiction in Poland! Thank you, Eurocon 2015!

The very talented writer who just had his first novel published in Croatia, David Kelecic, won the ESFS Encouragement Award. You can read one of his stories in the Loncon3/Shamrokon issue of Parsek (#125).

The 2015 ESFS Awards winners are:


  • Best author: China Miéville (UK)
  • Best artist: Phillipe Bouchet Manchu (France)
  • Best magazine: Fantastica Almanac (Bulgaria)
  • Best publisher: Gollancz (UK)
  • Best translator: Ekaterina Dobrohotova-Majkova (Rusija)


  • Micheal Wozoning (Austria)
  • Kaloyan Zahariev (Bulgaria)
  • Martin D. Antonin (Czech Republic)
  • Liz Bourke (Ireland)
  • Luis Corredoura (Portugal)
  • Georgiana Vladulescu (Romania)
  • Victor Kolyuzhniak (Russsia)
  • Jana Paluchová (Slovakia)


  • Best artist: Serhiy Krykun (Ukrajina)
  • Best fanzine: Pritiazhenie(Attraction) (Russia)
  • Best website: Europa SF (Romania)
  • Best performance: Song of the Sea (Irska)
  • Best children’s author: Anton Lomaev (Russia) & Ruth F Long (Ireland) (tie)


  • Eugene Lukin



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