Figured out what I am going to be doing for Halloween this year. Instead of watching Arsenic and Old Lace (a tradition of mine) I thought I’d go for a movie marathon, of Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy, especially since I still have not seen the latest installment, The World’s End. Which is SF.  

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Tonight’s movie: The Awful Truth (1937)

Something about October and autumn that makes me want to stay in every night, make apple pie and tea, and watch old movies. This year it occurs to me to watch some that I have never seen before. This is the first one.

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Fantastic Zagreb 2013

As I’ve mentioned, ever since I got back from my GUFF trip to Australia and New Zealand, a part of my brain has been thinking about all the possible destinations I will be trying to get Australian and NZ GUFF delegates to visit. Predictably, Croatia is first on my list. Not only because I know […]

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Iron Man 3

Finally got around to seeing Iron Man 3. Predictably, by the time I got around to finding some time to actually go to the cinema no theater in Zagreb was screening the 3D version. There was an up side to this though – I used the time my kid was taking a nap to pop […]

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Richard Matheson (1926-2013)

I never got around to reading a book by Richard Matheson. His novel I am Legend (1954) has been on my reading list forever, and somehow it never feels like the right time. I also never saw The Omega Man and have managed to skip seeing the 2007 film with Will Smith.

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