Fantastikon 2019

When I was a kid, Split was a stop on the way to the happy place. One filled with relatives that needed to be visited and tourists which I did not like since they were the reason we had to wait so long to get on the ferry for Brač.

Today, it is a world famous tourist town and I almost never go in summer. Last time I did, it was to support the first Fantastikon five years ago. The Split SF con has in the meantime moved to spring, and become the event that starts the Croatian SF season.

This year it has an anthology of its own. The theme of it is space and Russia, and I am very much looking forward to reading it. The theme is reflected in numerous lectures and in the con special guest, a Russian kozmonaut Sergej Zaljotin.

I still have no idea whether I am going or not, but the partnership with Russia that they have done is awesome! The Guest of Honour is Russian author Anna Starobinets, who will also have a book translated into Croatian for the occasion. Award winning Serbian author Zoran Živković will be holding a writing masterclass, which alone would be a great reason to go.



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