Neeee stiižžeeeem!

So, in hindsight, the shortest month of the year is maybe not the best one to start doing accountability posts. Also, I change plans all the time. Only, I did not change this one, it changed itself, somehow.

I really have no idea what to write now: feels like I dropped of the face of the earth when it comes to the tasks I have set myself with Rantalica. Accountability, however, cannot be a bad thing, so here goes:

  • Rantalica blog posts: three items behind
  • Draft of Romance #1: done
  • Draft of YA novel #34: on hold
  • Draft of Bronze Age romance #4: on hold
  • Fiction review: almost done
  • Me, going insane due to clients: in progress
  • Editing Empress: in very, very, very slow progress

Having made unrealistic plans, and having gone back to see how I have done in the past 30-ish days, I am coming away pleased. (And not because it is Friday.) Turns out: I did more than half of what I planned.

I did also keep to the minimum post number per month, which actually came as a surprise (since I planned for more and felt so waaay behind that, I started considering it might make sense not to continue).

The title is Croatian for, roughly, “I am nooooot making it in time!”. It might be true, but stuff is still getting done. Accountability posts seem trivial are feel bloody embarrassing to write (even more to publish) but are helping me see how much I’ve done.



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