Accountabilty sucks!

March flew buy and I do not think I got to lift my head. What did I do? Managed to make myself feel like I came up lacking, since I did not make everything I planned come about. That includes the 4 a month posts here. There were two. It will have to do.

Where did the time go? Well, everywhere.

  • worked 162 hours for one client
  • worked 40 hours for second client
  • worked 20 hours for third client
  • worked 10 hours for fourth client
  • a total of 30 hours of 3rd grade homework
  • read aloud for 5 hours (perks of having a dyslexic kid)
  • do not want to know how many hours spent working for my own business
  • writing fiction hours are best expressed in words – 5000 – so I do not go crazy
  • ditto for sleeping hours
  • 3 hours of swimming make me want to cry, now that I think about
  • re-read the entire Kitty Norville series in a week
  • re-read the entire Incryptid series in 3 or 4 days
  • spent and average of 29 minutes per day on Instagram
  • cleaned too much
  • watched all seasons of Dusk til Dawn
  • managed to go to sauna only TWICE (travesty!!!)
  • thought about plot holes of a novel every day (and still not solved!)
  • slept through almost all the weekends
  • went to the Zoo three times
  • went to museums on school assignments 2 times (got an A from the teacher, literally) & learned so much more than I needed to know about the Zagreb trams
  • visited the Museum of Illusion in Zagreb
  • had tea in the only Chinese tea house in Zagreb
  • went to one conference (and it was not SF)
  • went to Carnival in Samobor and actually, for the first time in a long time, had a really good time
  • got 34 stories for Empress of the Damned Housework
  • went to a meditation day in Selce on the Adriatic coast
  • walked in to the sea
  • crochet 35% of shawl
  • plotted a story
  • nominated for the Hugos
  • hurt my foot at the Festival of Light
  • ate way too much and spent only about 48 hours in keto
  • forgot to cook on most days
  • failed to exercise
  • failed to socialize outside of work
  • failed to get to Fantastikon 2019
  • came up with 4 panels and a tea party for SFeraKon 2019 in an attack of utter crazy
  • spent all the remaining time with my kid (the husband and the dog must miss me badly)



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