The tipjar on this blog exists for the sole purpose of fundraising for GUFF. All received funds are sent directly on to the dedicated fans who volunteer their time and knowledge by administrating the fund’s bank accounts.

Since GUFF exchanges fans between Australia and Europe, there are two separate bank accounts. Donations are raised via the activities of a GUFF laureate, and two administrators, one Australian, the other European.

So, if you enjoy this blog, please donate to the fan fund that has made it possible for Mihaela to travel to Australia and New Zealand, explore fandom Down Under and write about her experiences.

If you happen to absolutely hate this blog/the current GUFF delegate, please donate generously to the fan fund to ensure the next GUFF laureate is someone more to your liking. 🙂

You can use the tipjar on this blog, but you can also find Mihaela or Gillian Pollack at conventions and give them your donations directly.

Not feeling like donating money?

Donate science fictional stuff. Fanzines. Books. Signed books. Comics. Costumes. Toys. Mascots. Masks. Prints. T-shirts. DVDs. Con books. Steampunkish jewelry. Science fiction related things are always welcome! They will be entered into fan fund auctions to raise money for GUFF.

Donate other stuff. Croatian chocolates did very well at auctions in Australia! Souvenirs.

Authors are very welcome to donate signed books, signed manuscripts or tuckerizations for the very same fan fund auctions. I have a ongoing project tied to this.

New fundraising ideas are always welcome and if you would like to help, get in touch!

Mihaela rantalica at gmail com

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