About Croatian SF in File 770!

There are times when I wonder why I keep this blog. As I have almost zero time for it and I am behind on all of my plans for it and I particularly do not feel like writing an accountability post (like the past few days). Sometimes it just seems so pointless. Yet, I cannot […]

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Books To Binge: Revenant Gun by Yoon Ha Lee

There is just something so awesome about space opera, and about trilogies and about the intricate worldbuilding they inherently contain that pushes my buttons. It might well be the Balkans in me, viewing worlds built from words falling apart and feeling them being stitched back again. Or maybe I just really like books I can […]

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Volunteering at a WorldCon

If I want to add something interesting when introducing myself, I say “…and for fun, I run science fiction conventions.” Around the time I got recruited to be Hospitality Division Head at Worldcon 75, I was just starting a new job. I had left the old one because I was not left alone during my […]

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Cyberpunk Rules! Workshop @ Rikon 2019

This year’s Rikon was dedicated to cyberpunk, which I adored in high school. It fits into my love of film noir, and science fiction and police procedurals with a twist as well as into my overall moodiness. I proposed a two-part cyberpunk workshop to Rikon programming sometime in the middle of September, possibly at a […]

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Rikon 2019

Some SF cons are great, some are so-so, but Rikon is always awesome. It might be a great job the organizers are doing, or it might be just me, never having any expectations or having just the ones that are always met: to see and chat with people I love while at the same time […]

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