Accountability Continues to Suck, But I No Longer Care

It is hard to hold oneself accountable while traveling. And I did travel a lot in October. The month started with a 3-day trip to Rijeka for Rikon,  and ended with me in China for the China National SF Convention in Beijing. In between, I took a few days for a short trip to the Croatian coast, in Selce. 

Selce was awesome – I went alone, had the hotel room all to myself and my schedule included a daily swim in the still-warm-enough-for-swimming-sea, sauna,  massage, a lovely breakfast every morning and an interesting dinner every evening, some excellent views and not too much work. Also, being surrounded by people who leave you alone when you ask them to was blissful. As was my alone time. 

Rikon was a bit more hectic that the relaxing Selce, but fun nonetheless. Wrote about it here. The first and the last weekend of the month I spent travelling, the ones in between I cannot remember. One was spent working, and the other sleeping – but I cannot remember which was which. 

China was awesome and deserves a post or three all by itself. It was so restful being offline that I might strive for a week or so someplace where there is no internet access from now on. 

I am still chasing down a lot of work that needs to be finished, but after my China and Selce trip last month, I no longer wake up in a panic about it. I am not exactly where I wanted to be at the beginning of this year, or decade, for that matter, and that has made this post especially hard to write. 

But: still here. 🙂



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