The World After Worldcon

Worldcon is awesome. Always has been, always will be, fun and fails and all. But it also very tiring. More than a year after Helsinki, I am still recuperating. Of course, it would have helped not to have been chair of SFerakon in the year leading up to Worldcon 2017. But in perfect hindsight vision, […]

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FAMOUS FAN: Irena Rašeta

I met Irena Rašeta at my first SF convention, which was Essekon in Osijek, sometime, I think, in 2003. She was a literary guest there, because she wrote for NOSF, a online fanzine run by Davor Banović. It was a meeting that changed my life, only I did not know it then. Petra Bulić, Irena […]

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Famous fan: Marcin Klak

Marcin is one of the many Polish fans making that country’s fandom a great one. He attends SF cons all over Poland regularly, collaborates with a number of fanzines and is one of the rare Polish fans who attends conventions outside Poland. And once you see a calendar of Polish SF cons, and witness the […]

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It is time to vote: GUFF 2019

Time to decide who will be the GUFF delegate in Dublin next summer. 😉 Read all about the candidates below, and cast you vote here, no later than April 22nd, 2019. Remember it does not count unless accompanied by a donation! Donate here. (New to Guff? See here.) As I am the nominator for the […]

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Rikon 2018, Aliette de Bodard and fun, fun, fun

I have no idea how I decided to go to Rikon for the first time. I do not even remember what year it was when I went for the first time. I dimly remember my friend Irena Rašeta and I being put up by a young man in student lodgings. I remember very well the […]

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