Fantastic Zagreb 2013

As I’ve mentioned, ever since I got back from my GUFF trip to Australia and New Zealand, a part of my brain has been thinking about all the possible destinations I will be trying to get Australian and NZ GUFF delegates to visit. Predictably, Croatia is first on my list. Not only because I know it best, but also because it offers so many interesting destinations for an SF fan.

This past weekend Pazin, the capital of Croatia’s westernmost region Istria (with whose food Cheryl Morgan fell in love with), concluded the 16th Jules Verne Days, an event that inspired a number of SF related events there. (I will be writing about this in more details soon.)

Meanwhile in my home town the very same weekend marked the beginning of another

Fantastic Zagreb 2013
Fantastic Zagreb 2013

event: Fantastic Zagreb Film Festival opened. One of Croatian fandom’s own is involved with it:  artist, writer, editor and SFera’s resident film expert Aleksandar Žiljak. It occurred to me that this Festival would be a great opportunity for any GUFF delegate from Down Under to get acquainted with non-English speaking European genre film. So I wrote a bit about it here.

Sadly, I had to miss the first couple of days of the Festival due to work and parental obligations. But, luckily, the festival lasts for a whole week. And I am especially looking forward to seeing Soylent Green on the big screen.



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