Iron Man 3

Finally got around to seeing Iron Man 3. Predictably, by the time I got around to finding some time to actually go to the cinema no theater in Zagreb was screening the 3D version. There was an up side to this though – I used the time my kid was taking a nap to pop down to the nearby mall (the only place still showing the movie) and had the pleasure of having the entire theater to myself. Exactly the way I like it.

I don’t really expect much from the Iron Man movies, except to see a lot of lovey posturing from Robert Downey Jr. To enjoy the cool. Lack of sleep and my particular kind of parenting makes me not remember much of my opinion of the first two installments.

I enjoyed it, but I did find the action sequenced too many and too long.

Also, I really minded the dark-haired female villain with a heart of gold vs the relationship with an asshole tolerant good blondie dichotomy. It threw me out of the film, repeatedly.

Pepper Potts left a favorable impression in the previous movies, I remember liking her. But the character I knew would not have needed the entire film to start using the suit in an intelligent manner, like she should have done right in the beginning of this one. If the need for the destruction of Iron Man‘s home supersedes staying in character for the female lead, well, I know what that is. Poorly executed writing. Also, sexist.

I suppose I can always hope the next one will be better. And there will be a next one for, sure. As of June 2013, Iron Man 3 has brought in over $1.2 billion worldwide, thus becoming the 16th film to gross over $1 billion. Currently it is the fifth highest grossing film off all time  and the highest-grossing film of this year. Maybe they can get a woman to direct it?

I did love the tinkering theme. I have to wonder if I am more sensitive to the bits with children since I have become a Mum, but the bonding of the superhero with the geek kid was rather enjoyable even if it did skirt over how exactly he could get to all the money he needed if he was on the other side of the country, presumed dead.



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