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SFeraKon 2015: Sunday

SFeraKon Sunday always comes too fast and doubly so this year. I think even our GoH Kate Elliott felt it! When I got her to the con,she asked me if food could be ordered in. Yup! There is no leaving SFeraKon for food, too much fun going on! 🙂 I did manage to get to… Continue reading SFeraKon 2015: Sunday

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SFeraKon 2015: Saturday

The hardest thing is to write up the con you help run. The SFeraKon Saturday this year was not a good day for me. I had some work I had to and I got up reasonably early to do it. I felt a small headache but paid it no mind and then suddenly, about half… Continue reading SFeraKon 2015: Saturday

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Post-con depression: the Zagreb Book Festival

Post-con depression is best cured by attending  - or indeed organizing - another event. Shamrokon taught me that! (Liburnicon taught me that maybe three con weekends in a row might not be the brigthest idea in the world even if the third on is at the beautiful Croatian seaside). So that's exactly what I did.… Continue reading Post-con depression: the Zagreb Book Festival