SFeraKon 2015: Sunday

SFeraKon Sunday always comes too fast and doubly so this year. I think even our GoH Kate Elliott felt it! When I got her to the con,she asked me if food could be ordered in. Yup! There is no leaving SFeraKon for food, too much fun going on! 🙂

Iva Sakic Ristic and me
Iva Sakic Ristic and me

I did manage to get to the venue on time on Sunday, but not with everything I was supposed to bring! This meant I was a bit late for the first panel of the day and my own debut as an editor. (Flashbacks to Conflux where I managed to be late for a panel I was on with Jonathan Strahan! Still feel embarassed about that!) But Iva Šakic Ristic, whose novel Prolaz za divljac (The Wildlife Crossing) I edited was quite understanding (as were as my Australian panelists).

Also, I was lucky it was not only our show – the new issue of Ubiq, the Croatian literary SF magazine and this year’s SFeraKon Anthology were being presented as well. It lead to an interesting discussion on what editors want and what the state of writing is in Croatia and Serbia. Yes, we meandered a bit, but Iva brought us back with a joke and an invite to buy the books.

Alica in Woderland The HauntlingsThe Hauntlings from Rijeka held a tea party in the hall – an interactive play based on Alice in Wonderland which anybody could join. It was a wonderful way to celebrate 15o years of a special kind of crazy, and the tea was awesome (brought especially from Loncon and Shamrockon for this)! So awesome, in fact, that we are keeping the tea party, since we who run cons for fun are all crazy anyway. I am so very happy about this – Sunday afternoon is a really that time at SFeracon when I really need a strong cup of tea. I am thinking maybe we could make it a steampunk event in 2016 like Conflux did when I was there.

Photo by Matej ?elar

There was a great panel on Alice later on as well – and I am so hoping someone has taped it because I went to Kate Elliott’s Worldbuilding Workshop (and I brought her some tea from the Alice party too!) The workshop was interesting, witty and useful.

A join panel telling tales of travels was my last item at SFeraKon 2015 – The Great April Tour. Four conventions Croatian fans visited in April 2015 were presented: the Kiev Eurocon by Ivan Kranjcevic, the Antwerpen convention by Bernard Ivezic and Eastercon 2015 & Pyrkon 2015 by me. 

Photo by Miroslav Šilovi?

I don’t think I have ever been on so much programming at SFeraKon and now that it’s out of my system I probably never will. Funnily enough, this year also marks the time I have been to most programming item ever at SFeraKon (mostly because I was on them). I even found the time to take a few pictures!  



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