Bulgarian Science Fiction

My presentation yesterday evening was a total success! As in: people showed up! (To my great surprise!) Seriously, I was truly surprised at how many people came to hear me speak at 10 o’clock at night.

European SF fandom and literatureI managed not to make too many terrible grammar, style and other kinds of mistakes while speaking. Being a morning person, I am not at my best in the evening. But, the audience was very, very friendly and supportive. I was especially happy to get some positive feekback straight after. And later, from people just passing by, letting me know that they liked it, that they learned something new and that I managed to surprise them into not falling asleep.

As I said before, an hour is just to little time. Talkative as I am, I might need an entire week. So here are a couple of links on the (randomly chosen) Bulgarian fandom.

An academic paper on Bulgarian SF from a while back

A more recent article at the Hugo nominated World SF blog










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