Åcon is a small annual SF convention held in May or June every year in Finland. It takes place on a finnish island –  Mariehamn, Åland] where a Swedish minority lives but the programming in neither in Swedish nor in Finnish, it is entirely in English. (I have no idea how to pronounce it so I just call it Awecon. Because I am in awe of the Finns and their fandom.)

The con was founded in 2007 and its aim is to bring Swedish and Finnish science fiction fandoms together. I also read somewhere that some die-hard fans thought the very awesome Finncon, attended by 4000 people every year, had grown to big so they decided to organize a con on an island that was difficult to get to thus discouraging everyone who is not a die-hard fan. No idea if this is actually true.

I heard about the con from Cheryl Morgan and have been dying to go. Maybe next year. Here’s how it went this year.





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