Free Croatian SF Fiction online: Parsek

Parsek is the fanzine produced by the SFera society, the oldest SF society in former Yugoslavia. It this capacity, it stands for PARadoxal SECular bulletin of the Society. At SFeraKon, there is a Special issue of Parsek featuring the year’s SFERICA winners in the literary categories. The SFERICA art categories get an exhibition of their own at the con. 

In June 2011, at 33rd Eurocon held in Stockholm, Sweden, Parsek won the Best European Fanzine award from the ESFS. Although it is the oldest fanzine in the region, it boast only 120 issued so far, but a whopping four of these are in English.

Parsek 101 was made for Worldcon 2008 where printed copies were available in the fanzine lounge. You can download it here (.pdf)

Parsek 112 was came out for Eurocon 2010. Download the pdf here

Parsek 117 came out for Eurocon 2011 and the online copy is here. (.pdf)

Parsek 120 came out for Kontak, the 34th Eurocon and 34th SFerakon in 2012. Find it here. (.pdf)



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